About Us

Simple Click is a Web and Mobile Application development company with extensive experience designing and developing online solutions for businesses, start-ups, health and higher education.  Web Apps are designed and developed with SEO in mind (or not where required) and consider appropriate hardware and development languages with regard to providing the best solution. Our capability includes understanding both the server and software aspects that make a successful App, machine learning / AI services and proactively discovering untapped avenues of acquiring revenue for clients.

Our Development Team

Our team is a bunch of good, smart, qualified developers and local partners. We have a natural intrigue to try new ways of doing things, not discounting old trialed and tested ways. We foster a culture of dedication, sharing, continual improvement and excellence in our work. 

Our Future

We love developing information systems with and have a fascination for file compression and artificial intelligence. The founder of Simple Click taught himself coding as a child because of his fascination with AI and created a “Siri” like bot in 1990 using basic and a speech synth kit. 

Compression Algorithms

Remember Mandelbrot? The extensive details represented by a bunch of complex numbers? Remember looking at a set of binary numbers and thinking, there are a lot of zeros in here, surely I can remove them and represent that with a number… but how?

Artificial Intelligence 

Meaningful conversations with people, learning how to learn, learning how to do the mundane, profiling people based on communications, writing code, presenting relevant information at the right time… these are all realities with AI today.

At Simple Click, we are looking at some pretty cool stuff. Like how to infer rules in a rule based system and meaningful natural language processing.


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