Goodbye friends at FSG

As FSG goes into voluntary administration, I reflect on the organisations not so public caring ventures, and just how amazingly supportive, comfortable and unique the environment was to work in. FSG started and hosted a small group called, “club orange” – a club that among other things gave small businesses and entrepreneurs a hot desk and ability to mingle with other business owners.

I first became a Club Orange member at FSG in 2016 and hired a desk to run my business – to create web apps, websites and mobile apps,  on the stunning Gold Coast, among and with the help of other successful business owners. What attracted me to the place was its caring nature and acceptance of all people as they are. The place had a good feel to it. In recent times, even though the place had gone into voluntary administration, I’ve witnessed the ongoing care for people with special needs and the amazing staff morale. These guys genuinely love the guys they care for.

During my time at FSG, I had a number of dreams fulfilled. One was to be a fly in the wall in a room full of female-only workers – what do these guys talk about when no men are around? What makes them tick?

Due to air conditioning issues in my office, I moved to a room with no male presence other than my own, and up to ten ladies! From a cross-section of approximately 6 female staff, I learned women are highly tuned in on an emotional level, friends appear to be almost telepathic, and typing a response to an email whilst answering a question is no issue.

This place reinforced what I often forget – do not discount anything – everything happens for a reason. Stop, have a good look around, take it in. It’s happening for a reason, and if I believe strongly enough in the journey I’m on, I can just about bet there is someone there I need to meet.

As the great George Harrison sang, all things must pass. I will miss the channel 9 reports, the outbreak of singing and acting, the cheeky questions and smiles, the genuine care these guys have for one another.

Thank you, beautiful friends of FSG, and I wish you well moving forward. I am grateful to have worked amongst some truly amazing people.