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Artificial Intelligence Development on the Gold Coast

Mobile App Development Gold Coast Service

We develop cutting edge, easy-to-use Web Applications and Mobile Apps:

  • Beautifully designed, user friendly
  • Connected to your databases, your software and your systems (integration)
  • AI capability such as vision recognition
  • Barcode scanning
  • Geolocation and geofencing capability.

Ask about our latest developments. 

App Development Consultancy Gold Coast

We develop complete end-to-end solutions for business. 

Improving quality of service, allowing for rapid expansion, remove redundancy and increasing  profit.

Information systems – fast, intuitive, and a joy to use. Anything less is now optional.

Take advantage of our creativity and commercial experience. 

Support and Maintenance, Services Level Agreements Gold Coast.

Make your business proccesses more intelligent and be future ready. We can help with:

  • Technology Advisory – how AI can be used to improve business processes and applications
  • Intelligent Reports
  • Computer Vision – for example, detection of disease; human, object or animal identification
  • Natural Language Processing – for example, intelligent chatbots, document and email intelligence 
  • Predictive analysis – for example, behaviour prediction – intelligent feeding to maximise animal growth and revenue
  • Data collection from multiple sources for robust database and intelligent deductions 
  • Setting up IoT devices and sensors as data collection points and actuators
  • Many more…

Your imagination is the limit… Contact Us.

Fully managed servers, Gold Coast.

Managed hosting tailored to your project. 

Software and security updates. Proactive advice to stay cutting edge.

ITIL based helpdesk and straight forward changement – no need to jump through hoops.

Analytics providing insight into market response. Sometimes the answer is not what we think.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) to stay in prime performance 24/7.

App Development Consultancy Gold Coast

Workshopping is where we look at your situation and requirements, discuss and map it out until you say, “That’s what I need developed!”

  • We discuss your requirements
  • We analyse your existing system
  • Write requirements docs
  • Draw ‘wireframes’ (mock-ups of the user interfaces) and diagrams of back-end processes
  • Then you say, ‘I also want it to do this…’
  • Repeat… until you say, ‘That’s perfect!’
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