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About Us

Simple Click is a creative Mobile App development company. Specialising in disruptive Mobile App development, business workshopping and e-commerce solutions. The company is led by Stuart Bond who has over 20 years of design and development experience, and is supported by a select team of specialists in the industry.

The company was formed on the value of the creative connection among often artistic technology enthusiasts and partners, and the immense value that can be provided utilising cutting edge technology.

Web and Mobile Apps made Simple

Why not simplify things? A User Interface that just makes sense. Adapting to user preferences and not the other way around. Let’s face it, technology and shoes aren’t that different – it’s not a one size fits all.

Hello, world

Web and Mobile Apps for Griffith University, Jeep Cherokee, Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation, NORTEC, Ray White, Travelling Fit, Brooksight Investigations, and some of the biggest digital agencies in Australia. Working with ANZ, CBA, NAB, and implementing PayPal and Stripe. And working with some of the biggest names in the world.

Hardware meet software

SimpleClick solutions include a thorough understanding of the hardware and network architecture that lays behind the solution: the marriage of hardware and software if you will. Utilising development infrastructure worthy of ninjas, building castles on solid stone.

Exclusively Inclusive

Making Change Management as inclusive or exclusive as our partners desire.
Utilising world class scalable multi-regional cloud based servers and services, implementing security and fail-safe policies to meet required standards. 

We follow rules too

Following best practices for support, ISO127001 auditing, bank PCI compliance, and using Australian Signals Directive approved Amazon AWS and Azure infrastructure.

Validation is not a dirty word

Government Awards in aged care for simplifying data acquisition processes to reduce mistakes in medical assessments and save lives. Developing a complete Digital Curriculum, Rubric and Grading Tools Web App, recommended as best practice by the AACSB business standards. Enabling businesses to grow, serve and earn more than ever before.

The Future is Now

A love of developing information systems and a fascination for file compression and artificial intelligence. A “Siri” like bot was cool in 1990, what’s cool in 2050?

Compression Algorithms

Remember Mandelbrot? The extensive details represented by a complex numbers? The spring like appearance of zero and one’s and a desire to compress them via introduction to degeneration by iteration?

Artificial Intelligence

Meaningful conversations with people, learning how to learn, learning how to do the mundane, profiling people based on communications, writing code, presenting relevant information at the right time… these are all realities with AI today.

SimpleClick is working on things like how to infer rules in a rule based system, Adaptive User Interfaces, and the perfect glove.

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