Simpleclick’s New Website

What’s that saying about a carpenter being the last to fix his or her own house?

Well, I’m guilty of the same! I’m the developer tending to everyone else’s websites and apps, and completely sidelining my own. Which isn’t a great look. Not to mention, in some peoples eyes, that static piece of text and graphics – my website – equates to my competency as a developer.

If you’re a business, you may have experienced a similar phenomenon. The old catch 22. Someone finds you reliable. They tell there mates. Before you know it, there’s work fit for a group. It needs to be delivered by a steady schedule. And your own company project takes a sideline.

Well, finally we’ve snapped something together using WordPress, genesis and a custom child theme.
I call it phase 1. In the second phase, we will use Laravel, a beautiful minimalistic design, bootstrap 4, some clever interface elements, a previous and current projects portfolio and bunch of logos from past clients.

But for now, we’ve created our re-branded, content editable, blog-friendly website! Just in time for the Commonwealth Games and the mad traffic it will bring.

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