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Gain clarity around and begin with the end in mind

Proper planning with an experienced professional accelerates development and avoids many of the pitfalls businesses experience with software development.

Custom developed Mobile Apps are a digital asset for your business. But they can be a significant investment. So it’s important to ensure your requirements and what is developed are the same!

Begin with the end in mind

We begin with the end in mind. Taking your requirements, we create a set of wireframes so you can see exactly how it will work.

Develop in stages

It may be that due to time and budgetary constraints, it makes sense to release the Apps functionality in parts, over time. We can plan for this.


A highly experienced software developer (Stu) will communicate with you, ensuring that your requirements are documented in both plain easy to understand english, and as technical requirements for development.

Next, we create an attractive graphic design which we use as the basis of an interactive prototype.

A prototype is designed, so you can visualise and interact with the App, ensuring it is exactly what you want prior to development.

Our workshop is based on you: Your vision, your special features and your promise to your customers. We work alongside you to get this exactly as you want, ready for development:

  • A comprehensive set of requirements for yourself
  • A clear set of technical requirements for development
  • Wireframes – so you can see exactly how it will work
  • Graphic design
  • A visual prototype of the end product

A workshop can save tens of thousands of dollars, frustrating miscommunications, and many headaches. It also enables you to see clearly what the end result will look like, and plan further into the future.

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